Cleveland 2011

As part of the 4S 2011 program, we organized our first event in this series, a double panel on ‘STS 2.0: Taking the Canon Digital’. Each panelist was asked to prepare a short presentation, and this was followed by an open ‘town hall’ style discussion with the audience. In terms of attendance and enthusiasm, the panel was a great success.


Panel 1

  • Trevor Pinch (Cornell),
  • Joshua Greenberg (Sloan, Invited),
  • Tarleton Gillespie (Cornell),
  • Morana Alac (UC San Diego),
  • Lucy Suchman (U of Lancaster)

Panel 2:

  • Geof Bowker (U of Pittsburgh),
  • Paul Dourish (UC Irvine),
  • Gabriella Coleman (NYU),
  • Anita Chan (U of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign)

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