About digitalSTS

Brainstorming about digital STS at the Copenhagen Workshop, 2012.

Brainstorming about digital STS at the Copenhagen Workshop, 2012.

The digitalSTS project is a bottom-up initiative aimed at developing and strengthening the community of practitioners within and across STS who work on digitally-related topics and themes. It is an attempt to build community and create strong working relationships and ties. In doing so, we hope also to engage STS theory and theoretical tools from related disciplines to build robust STS tools and methods for digital analysis in our scholarly and activist work.

The centerpiece of this initiative is a planned digitalSTS handbook: a compilation of essays, tools, and artifacts that can speak to this burgeoning domain of research by presenting common techniques, challenges, and case studies for Science and Technology Studies in the 21st century. After all, with globally connected laboratories, tweeting activists, and digital media embedded across our fieldsites, we can no longer ignore digital phenomena, or relegate their study to a distinct subdomain.

It is our aim to produce a Handbook that pushes the theoretical and methodological agenda for all STS scholars.

Led by Janet Vertesi (Sociology, Princeton) and David Ribes (CCT, Georgetown), in collaboration with scholars from across STS and its related fields, the digitalSTS initiative welcomes participation from all members of the STS community and others who engage with STS tools and theories in their work on digital artifacts, subjects, and objects.

Read more about our organizers and the prospective handbook at these links.

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